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Executive Chef

Luigi Cinotti

Since he was a child, Luigi developed a genuine sense of conviviality, especially through the traditional activity of olive picking and spending festivities all together with his family.

At the age of 18, he decided to leave for the United Kingdom with the idea of staying away for 6 months that would actually become 6 years. During this time he worked with increasing responsibilities in the kitchens of different hotels. In 2021 he returned to Italy to learn more about his country’s traditional cuisine. He joined the 10_11 team as Sous Chef to become its Executive Chef in fall 2023.

Chef Cinotti has always been very faithful to tradition and loves what he calls “old school” cuisine. The ingredients that cannot be missed on his table are definitely extra virgin olive oil (shortened as “evo” oil in Italian) and bread, as its aroma reminds of bakeries with a long history.

Executive Pastry Chef

Cesare Murzilli

Cesare Murzilli was born in Rome. Following his studies in medicine, he decided to take a new path and dedicate himself entirely to his great passion: pastry making. He worked together with a number of master bakers all over the world.

From the cake selection served at breakfast, through a dessert to crown your dinner, at 10_11 it is always time for a sweet treat. Here Cesare serves the great classics of Italian pastry (apple cake, meringue, millefeuille) with a contemporary twist.