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Together with the re-known Florentine architect Michele Bönan we created the vision for our wonderful collection of hotels, stately retreats and charming villas. The dream was simple: a hotel portraying our personality, our dreams and our emotions whilst leading us to new horizons. A haven in the heart of Italy where one wants to linger and appreciate life to the fullest.

The wonderful Florentine atmosphere of the Lungarno Collection then evolved flawlessly amidst splendid suites, delightful Tuscan and worldly restaurants and an unbeatable vicinity to the masterpieces of art.

Four extraordinary hotels on the river Arno next to Ponte Vecchio, each with its own unmistakable character, yet typically Florentine, reflecting the heritage of Renaissance times and the grandest tradition of craftsmanship.

On the hills of the Chianti region we fell in love with a magnificent sixteenth-century villa, surrounded by the most impressive country side and the scent of antic roses. Our passion for sailing and adventure brought us to the Mediterranean coast, where we found our ideal landing at the Marina di Scarlino, embedded in the transparency of the Tuscan sea.

Finally we arrived in Rome, a stone’s throw from the Trinity church, and in the heart of Via Condotti where fashion and creativity meet. Our dream of creating something special above the Ferragamo store came true: a collection of portrait-suites giving homage to the great Italian cinema, enwrapped in light and the beauty of La Dolce Vita.

Thanks to the Lungarno Collection traveling to Italy was never more beautiful.

Head Office - Florence
Lungarno Collection

Borgo SS Apostoli 29 50123 Florence, Italy
Phone +39 055 27266800

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Code of Ethics

Discover the rules and values that drive the Lungarno Collection operations, and its team.

Our ethics code defines the lines of conduct to follow; loyalty, respect, integrity and honesty.

Model 231

Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced the system of administrative liability on the part of institutions for certain offences committed in their interest or for their benefit, by persons who hold senior positions or by persons subject to their management or supervision into the Italian legal system.
The Company’s actions are based on ethical conduct rules and complying with the provisions and requirements of Legislative Decree 231/2001. For this reason, the Company has adopted the Organisational, Management and Control Model, the latest update of which was approved by the Board of Directors on 21 April 2022 and has appointed the Supervisory Board with autonomous powers of initiative and control, responsible for monitoring the operation and observance of the Model and for promoting its constant updating. The Company safeguards and provides protection to those who report breaches or risks of breaches that have come to their attention. The Supervisory Body has established a confidential information channel for whistleblowing which is