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When we decided to create this stunning collection of hotels, designed by Florentine architect Michele Bönan, the first question we asked ourselves was, what is our ideal hotel? The answer was simple: we wanted a hotel that reflected our personality, dreams and emotions, while opening up new horizons for us. A hotel in the heart of Italy, a place where guests could find themselves and revive their spirits.

Lungarno Collection was inspired by this typically Florentine free spirit, offering guests a collection of wonderfully elegant, “tailor-made” atmospheres for days that brim with sheer happiness: waking up amid the unapparelled splendour of unique suites, just a heartbeat away from the city’s artistic masterpieces, and delighting in a plethora of contemporary, casual and gourmet Italian cuisine.

We began life in Florence, cradle of the Renaissance and the world’s most magnificent craftwork traditions; we’ve created incredible hotels here in truly inimitable style, united by a wonderful current of thought and ideas, the River Arno, as it flows beneath the Ponte Vecchio.

With the launch of the Portrait brand, we’ve added another crown jewel to our portfolio: what sets the hotels apart is the inseparable bond we create between our guests and the city that welcomes them. The portrait of the city meets the portrait of the customer, encompassing all their needs and expectations. Our Portraits look out onto the most famous monuments and the most exclusive shopping streets: across from Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of Rome’s Via Condotti fashion district; beside the Ponte Vecchio, overlooking the River Arno in Florence, steps away from the boutiques on Via dei Tornabuoni; inside an actual monument – the former Archiepiscopal Seminary at 11, Corso Venezia – at the hub of Milan’s quadrilatero fashion quarter.

History and Value

The Lungarno Collection is steeped in the Ferragamo family’s values: creativity, craftsmanship and unmistakable style set apart all the hotels and restaurants in the Collection.

“Our personality, dreams and emotions shine out from everything we do, benefitting and satisfying our guests and all our associates.”

At every location within the Lungarno Collection, guests experience the uniqueness of our inimitable “hand-crafted” style, profoundly Florentine in its attention to materials, details, flavours and every care, respecting the values of creativity, craftsmanship and passion that have made Florence the world’s art city.

A journey around style

In 1915, at the age of sixteen, Salvatore Ferragamo left his small shoemaking workshop in Bonito and set out for America.

Success came within a few years, and his creations were soon worn by Hollywood’s most illustrious actresses. The press named him “The shoemaker of the stars”. To keep up with demand and maintain the craftsmanship behind his designs, Ferragamo returned to Italy in 1927, choosing after a lengthy search to live and work in Florence. The finest leather craftsmen are found here: sensitive, cultured, shaped by age-old artistic traditions.

Around 10 years later, Ferragamo opened his historic boutique in Via Tornabuoni, welcoming film stars, aristocrats and diplomats to his magnificent salon. A lesson in superbly elegant hospitality, combined with a deep love for Florence, that Salvatore Ferragamo passed down to his children.

A lifestyle

If one of our guests were to ask us what Florence means to us, this is how we’d reply: Florence is the delight in creating beauty and seeing new ideas come to life. Florence is elegant Renaissance restraint, stunning artisan traditions, and crystal-clear light that exudes energy. Florence is also part of our history.

My father, Salvatore Ferragamo, arrived in Florence in 1927 on the heels of his success in America. In 1938 he opened his first boutique at Palazzo Spini Feroni on Via Tornabuoni, just steps from the Arno. Hollywood divas, famous aristocrats and international diplomats were welcomed into his salon. Here, Tuscany’s culture of hospitality and our family’s naturally warm approach met with the world.

From these experiences, our profound understanding of the fashion world and the pleasure of providing the best in Italian style came the Lungarno Collection, a collection of wonderfully distinctive hotels, unique because they are “”hand-crafted””, truly “ours” as they are inspired by our life-long guiding values: commitment, coherency, constancy.

Over the years, we’ve felt an increasing need to recreate our new art of hospitality in other locations, drawing on our experience as hoteliers with the Lungarno Collection: the result is the Portrait brand, its name inspired by the cities that host it.”
Leonardo Ferragamo, President of Lungarno Collection

Head Office - Florence
Lungarno Collection

Borgo SS Apostoli 29 50123 Florence, Italy
Phone +39 055 27266800

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History and Values

Discover the rules and values that drive the Lungarno Collection operations, and its team.

Our ethics code defines the lines of conduct to follow; loyalty, respect, integrity and honesty.

Model 231

Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced the system of administrative liability on the part of institutions for certain offences committed in their interest or for their benefit, by persons who hold senior positions or by persons subject to their management or supervision into the Italian legal system.
The Company’s actions are based on ethical conduct rules and complying with the provisions and requirements of Legislative Decree 231/2001. For this reason, the Company has adopted the Organisational, Management and Control Model, the latest update of which was approved by the Board of Directors on 21 April 2022 and has appointed the Supervisory Board with autonomous powers of initiative and control, responsible for monitoring the operation and observance of the Model and for promoting its constant updating. The Company safeguards and provides protection to those who report breaches or risks of breaches that have come to their attention. The Supervisory Body has established a confidential information channel for whistleblowing: click here to access