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10_11 Restaurant

Right in the heart of the Quadrilatero, the 10_11 bar, garden, restaurant and colonnade blend to emphasise the imposing architecture of the former Seminary through precious and sophisticated details.

The name 10_11 (“Ten Eleven“) well represents its nature as a meeting point and a connection between two souls of the city corresponding to its two entrances from Via Sant’Andrea 10 (intimate, exclusive and elegant) and Corso Venezia 11 (open, inclusive and directly projected into Milan’s heart).

These eclectic spaces are open to both hotel guests, Milanese and visitors in town, from breakfast to a nightcap cocktail.


Inspired by the Italian tradition and  its robust flavours, our menu calls to mind treasured memories, from Sunday lunches to festive celebrations where platters and bowls were laid in the middle of the table.

Everything can be shared for a warmly authentic gastronomic experience that leads to true conviviality.


10_11 Bar

10_11 is also an Italian bar with different identities that alternate throughout the day.

At the center of the stage there is its bar, over 9 meters long on each side: indoor surrounded by a welcoming atmosphere, while the second one overlooks the garden.

The evolution of the Italian (and Milanese) ritual of the aperitif is its DNA. Let us take you on a discovery of the classics that have marked Milan’s history.

High-toned experiences await under the shade of the vaulted columns in new-on-the-map Piazza del Quadrilatero. Good life-addicted will enjoy this idyllic setting at lunch, can dine on dolci alone at tea-time and enjoy the golden hour of the aperitivo.