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Picteau Bistrot & Bar

PICTEAU welcomes you with 2 souls.

The COCKTAIL BAR menu signed by the talented young bartenders Marco Colonnelli and Vincenzo Civita, joins the BISTRO menu with signature dishes by the Michelin starred Claudio Mengoni, offering tasty Mediterranean cuisine.

Few tables available with reservations required to enjoy a unique front row view of the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno river, to be admired just as if you were cruising on a boat.

If for the tables outside the view is incredible, those inside are no different, surrounded by a collection of 20st century art work.

Pablo Picasso welcomes guests and stands out on the fireplace…while his friend Jean Cocteau finds space at the entrance with a wonderful selection of 4 pieces of work. Last but not least Sironi, Rosai and Marino Marini.

Reservations required.

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