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Restaurants & Bars

Whether it is for a romantic dinner, a business lunch or soothing refreshments, Portrait Milano’s restaurants and bars offer immersive tasting experiences that combine the creativity of talented chefs in the unique setting of Piazza del Quadrilatero.

Portrait Milano’s bars and restaurants warmly welcome hotel guests, Milanese and visitors in town.

10_11 Bar, Giardino, Ristorante

Our casual dining 10_11 (“Ten Eleven”) includes a bar, a restaurant, a splendid garden, and the colonnade facing the square.

It opens all-day and serves a cuisine inspired by the Italian tradition, with authentic and emotional flavors that evoke memories and a mixology that goes back to the origins of the Milanese ritual of the aperitif.

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Beefbar Milano

As the first Beefbar opening in Italy, Beefbar brings to Milano its famous modern luxury feel and complete dining experiences. Beefbar Milano enhances the world’s best meats through popular recipes and a cosmopolitan selection of street food, tiraditos, ceviche and tartare. Its atmosphere recalls the style of a creative city with hints to opera, fashion and design.

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“Rumore” is the perfect blend between an American Bar and exquisite Italian hospitality. Open from sunset, it is the place for an aperitif cocktail or a glass of champagne after dinner, accompanied by live music.

The atmosphere is vibrant, joyful and chic. Champagne glasses and signature cocktails clink in a setting inspired by the architecture of the Roaring Twenties and the eccentricity from the 1960s.

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