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10_11 Bar, Giardino, Ristorante

Our casual dining 10_11 (“Ten Eleven”) includes a bar, a restaurant, a splendid garden, and the loggia facing the square.

It opens all-day and serves a cuisine inspired by the tradition from Northern Italy, with authentic and emotional flavors that evoke memories and a mixology that goes back to the origins of the Milanese ritual of the aperitif.

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Beefbar Milano

As the first Beefbar opening in Italy, Beefbar brings to Milano its famous modern luxury feel and complete dining experiences.

Beefbar Milano enhances the world’s best meats through popular recipes and a cosmopolitan selection of street food, tiraditos, ceviche and tartare.

Its atmosphere recalls the style of a creative city with hints to opera, fashion and design.

A cosmopolitan menu based on quality meats (such as Kobe beef, ceviche and tartare) personally selected by founder Riccardo Giraudi and Executive Chef Thierry Paludetto. The ingredients that accompany guests through to dessert are equally refined, such as the sophisticated 70% cocoa soufflé served in a charming copper casserole. Beefbar Milano also takes a close look at the local gastronomic traditions for a dinner or lunch in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

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Portrait Milano

  • Via Sant'Andrea, 10, 20121, Milano
  • Corso Venezia, 11, 20121, Milano