10_11 Restaurant and Bar

Where beauty and culinary culture become one

To us, culinary culture means quintessentially Italian food combined with great company as per our most authentic traditions.


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    Via Sant’Andrea, 10

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    +39 02 3679 95850

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    +39 345 7279634

Traditional Italian cuisine is not only about fancy restaurants, but it also refers to classic dishes comfortably served at home. It has to do with flavors that transcend culinary trends. Food is a serious matter as part of our sharing culture.

The menu of our 10_11 casual dining restaurant calls to mind treasured memories, from Sunday lunches to festive celebrations. It is reassuringly familiar but also unpredictable and it will surprisingly burst with flavors. Whether it’s for a quick power lunch, a more relaxed meal or an afternoon tea, enjoy perfectly executed Italian dishes that have stood the test of time.

No meal would be complete without an exquisitely authentic dessert – or dine on dolci alone at tea-time.

Chef Alberto Quadrio

10_11 Restaurant and Bar