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Portrait has created a masterpiece, but it couldn’t have achieved such perfection without its partners.

For this reason, we enlisted the expertise of several carefully selected local artisans, businesses and important historic archives to curate the conceptual photography and provide many of the exclusive amenities and artwork throughout the hotel.

Archivio Locchi

The Archivio Storico Foto Locchi, under the protection of the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and containing material of unequalled historic and artistic value, is considered one of the world’s foremost collections of its kind.

Archivio Giorgini

Giorgini Archive manages the most important documentation on the birth of Made in Italy as a brand.
Collection includes photographs, letters, invitations, programs, press releases, magazines and newspapers on early Italian Fashion.

Fratelli Traversari

The firm specialises in art mosaics from the late nineteenth century, proudly continuing a long family tradition of artisan quality in Florence. They have long and constantly strive for the highest mosaic quality, both regarding materials and techniques employed.


The owners of the antique shop Traslucido, both graduated at Accademy of Belle Arti in Florence in scenography and painting, opened the antique shop in Florence in 1985.


At the forefront for over a 100 years, Leica has realized a camera capable of going beyond technical limitations and allowing emotions to emerge.