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Things to do with kids in Florence

Florence is a city full of wonders that captivates anyone regardless of their age. Known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is a paradise for art lovers thanks to its sophisticated tourist attractions. Nonetheless, it is also a great journey destination when you decide to travel with kids.

Seeing Florence from top is an experience you cannot miss. The famous cathedral, Il Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore, offers a unique view since it dominates the skyline of Florence. Let your children be impressed with the marvelous view of the city. Getting to the top means climbing 463 stairs, but the impressive sight is definitely worth it.

The city epitomizes art, so there are many things to see with kids in Florence. One is Florence’s Children’s Museum at the Palazzo Vecchio, a wonderful destination that brings art to life for kids. The exhibitions engage the whole family and are ideal to awaken one’s imagination.

Another thing to do with kids in Florence is stopping for a gelato. After all, it’s the city where this sweet treat was invented. The tradition says the Florentine artist Bernardo Buontalenti wanted to surprise the Medici’s guests and came with the idea. Today, enjoying gelato in Florence is a must and some gelaterias even let you create your own.

Discovering Florence with kids

Discovering Florence with kids is a fantasy journey by its own merit. The little ones’ favorite option is the beautiful carousel situated at the Piazza della Repubblica. And, after enjoying a ride, you can head to the nearby toy shop called Bartolucci, where the Bartolucci family has been making Pinocchio souvenirs for generations.

The Parco Avventura II Gigante offers the perfect dose of adventure. There, kids can climb through the trees with high ropes and even enjoy a zip-line.

No matter your itinerary, there are multiple options when you travel with kids in Florence and all of them guarantee a happy, fascinating time.