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Your business hotel in Florence

When talking business, even the tiniest detail counts to ensure a perfect deal. It is then a matter of high importance the good planning ahead, followed by a neat execution and a precise follow-up. Setting the mood of the meeting is almost as critical as the agenda itself.

Having this in mind, you’re in the right road to success, and this is true for almost every purpose: gaining a new client, starting an exciting partnership, signing a long-time contract, etc. Such a big goal deserves a carefully selected venue for your negotiation. And some places are just meant to fulfill your professional objectives.

The incredible land of Tuscany, in central Italy, famous worldwide for its cultural richness and natural beauty, has grown to be one of the main global destinations for corporate or commercial encounters. A business meeting venue in Florence embodies the duality of innovation and tradition with its technologically equipped facilities in a yet classic style.

Your business meetings in Florence will rise to another level with the help of the personalized services at one of the varied options of Lungarno Collection’s meeting rooms, each one fitting a different intention. Take Sala Guarneri, for instance, designed to hold board meetings or Sala Cha where the elegant and contemporary furniture along with a well-nourished library is the ideal point for a book signing.

Business Meetings in Florence

The staff of Lungarno can even prepare your reunions for team-building outside its hotels, bars, and restaurants and lead an excursion to a very special place of your choosing because there is never only one way to get the things done. It is a fun manner of working while touring this mesmerizing region.

While the week is filled with training sessions for your company’s employees, the weekend can be reserved to relaxation and integration activities by enjoying the many amenities in the city to close a perfect stay at a top business hotel in Florence and seal the happy sense of belonging.

Next time you are facing a new project, remember there is one suitable hotel for meetings and business events in Florence in the Lungarno Collection according to your plans.