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Things to do in Florence on Easter

Easter in Florence… just imagine it: sunny and warm afternoons, the reawakening of nature and the scent of fresh grass and blooming flowers on the air. It is the perfect occasion to go on vacation!

The season brings you the opportunity for wonderful outdoor walks, relishing on the beautiful landscapes of the region. In harmony with Tuscany’s essence, the city offers splendid gardens and parks, like the Giardino Delle Rose or the Gardens of Villa Bardini.

One of the most interesting things to do in Florence on Easter is attending the traditional Explosion of the Cart. Similar to a very vintage and fancy parade, this folkloric event is one of the most popular of all time in Florence.

A very antique cart travels from the Porta al Prato to the Piazza del Duomo along with 150 soldiers, musicians, and people in 15th-century costumes. After they arrive, the cart called Brindellone makes an impressive “explosion” of fireworks.

Your Luxury Hotel for Easter in Florence

More than anything, Easter in Florence Italy means falling in love with the Renaissance era, so immerse yourself in the exquisite art of its museums.

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Florence during Easter can be a wonderful moment for the family, full of color, wonders, and many things to explore and treasure.  And in Lugarno you will find the exclusive experiences and excursions to make your stay even more memorable.