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Rolling Dreamers

Born from the passion of Matteo Venzi, triathlete and electronic engineer, and Andrea Gelli, personal trainer and cycling expert, Rolling Dreamers aims to build tailor-made experiences dedicated to all cycling, running and triathlon enthusiasts.

Supported by Fabrizio Caselli, a Paralympic athlete, and by vegan chef Fabrizio Bartoli, it is possible to discover the most beautiful views of Tuscany through itineraries designed for bike lovers, equipped with bicycles and high-end sports equipment.

In fact, Rolling Dreamers has developed an innovative Training & Travel Club dedicated to the running, cycling, and triathlon community, consisting of different realities:

The Lab: a place to train, with dedicated personal trainers, who will help you build customized programs, including bike-fitting, nutrition and physiotherapy

The Club: to become part of a team of athletes and share their passions together, train, plan trips and participate in sporting events, wearing the same colors

The Tour: a professional service for organizing tours making it possible to explore Tuscany through personalized group or individual itineraries, including all the necessary equipment.

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