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Imagine the ’50s and Florence as the capital of Italian fashion.

Extraordinary black and white photographs can be found throughout the rooms and suites of this design and luxury hotel in Florence. Michele Bönan, the refined Florentine architect, was inspired by the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti, where great designers such as Schubert, Galiztine, Carosi, and Fabiani would present their work.

Given homage to beauty, fashion, and an elegance that is as current today as the Renaissance masterpieces surrounding this delightful design hotel.

Simplicity, Dreams and Aristocracy

“I was Inspired by the 1950’s, the era of the golden age of fashion when Salvatore Ferragamo was at his pinnacle of success.

To achieve the aura of haute couture I used pure white and generous use of space to create a sense of elegence.

The use of the clean and essential lines throughout the Continentale symbolizes excellence – a perfect window that allows guests to peer out and almost touch the Ponte Vecchio from anywhere in the hotel”.

Michele Bonan – Interior Designer

Watercolor Class at La Terrazza


“Not everyone may become  great artists but a great artist may be hiding in everyone”

Available in Spring and Summer and upon availability. A 24 hrs advance reservation is required for this ecperience.

Every Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30am we invite you to discover the painting lessons on La Terrazza in the company of painter Roberto Guarnieri.

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