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Sustainability as a way of life

We consider sustainability a vital element for mankind and his planet. We consider sustainability a vital element for mankind and his planet. Our intention is to make it a way of life.
We recognize the importance of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.We are committed daily in making conscientious decisions not only in terms of internal operations, but also towards the territories and communities in which we operate and our surrounding environment.
Our desire is to become a positive example, inspiring our employees, but also our guests and partners to participate in this important path generated from a widespread and constant belief, becoming a virtuous circle. From optimizing resources to reducing waste, to promoting fair and sustainable workplace practices, we are committed to addressing the challenges of our time in the best possible way. We invite you to join us in this commitment and embrace this mindset. Together we can make a meaningful difference and help create a better world for future generations.

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing this vision with us.


We have a deep connection to our host destinations, and we work to support not only their beauty, but also the culture and communities that welcome and surround us. In keeping with the values of the Ferragamo family, in which our company’s roots are firmly planted, we strive daily to protect the planet, the land and, above all, people: by taking concrete action every day, no matter how small, we aim to encourage a culture of sustainability and to respect, safeguard and foster excellence.

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Ours is one great big family: every team member is as important as every one of our guests, and we’re committed to following our comprehensive code of ethics every day to foster mutual respect, equal opportunities and personal initiative. We know that appreciating people who show love and dedication to their work creates the ideal conditions for professional growth and development. We strive to build a healthy working environment that supports every single person’s physical and emotional wellbeing, taking virtuous action to safeguard health and the areas in which we work.


We’re dedicated to making a positive contribution to protecting and preserving our planet – the most precious, delicate resource we have – by implementing strategies and activities that minimize the environmental impact of our day-to-day activities. The circular economy, zero waste, plastic-free packaging, sustainable transport and energy efficiency are among the cornerstones of our environmental safeguarding programme.


We want to ensure all the experiences we offer our guests have a minimal impact on our destinations, making a positive contribution wherever possible. We feel a keen responsibility towards preserving all the beauty that surrounds us: every day, with immense gratitude, we take concrete steps to safeguard the places that host us, the communities that welcome us and the guests who choose us.