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Kick off your 2017 as best as you can: Caffè dell’Oro presents its special New Year's menu prepared by starred Chef Peter Brunel

The flavors of the Tuscan and Italian culinary tradition, the exciting proximity to the banks of the Arno River and a vivacious atmosphere arching back to the 1950s: how to forget Caffè dell’Oro, the delicious restaurant bistro of Florence of the five-star luxury hotel Portrait Firenze, under the direction of starred Chef Peter Brunel.

The guests of Lungarno Collection, and more, can take a pleasant break for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Or, they can enjoy an unforgettable New Year’s dinner in Florence. The restaurant bistro proposes a special menu to welcome the New Year, for a unique New Year’s eve in the Tuscan capital.

Starting with an aperitif with sophisticated finger foods, guests will be taken through an exciting journey rich in original flavors. Fish lovers can enjoy a fancy lobster salad with green apples, beets and tangerines, while those who prefer meat will indulge with a Rossini-style veal medallion with foie gras, gold, and purple potato and morel puree. And to conclude, chestnut, persimmon and black truffle tiramisù,and, of course, panettone and a good toast to the New Year.