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Design Week 2023 at Portrait Milano

On the occasion of the Design Week, Audi has chosen Portrait Milano as the location for the House of Progress.

From 17 to 23 April 2023, in the center of Piazza del Quadrilatero, there will be the installation ‘The Domino Act’ – by the designer Gabriele Chiave with the creative collective Controvento – which reinterprets the concept of sustainability in an artistic key through that of the ‘domino.’

At the centre of the exhibition space rises the ‘The Domino Act’ installation by Designer Gabriele Chiave with Controvento, the creative team born in 2022 that works on a wide range of design and art direction projects, and of which Chiave himself is co-founder. The installation consists of 22 circularly arranged monoliths that interact with the surrounding environment and with the light. It is an artistic reinterpretation of the concept of sustainability through that of the ‘domino effect’, to emphasise how the decision in a strategic field can trigger a virtuous process, thus impacting on others.

The installation, an interpretation of the Design Re-Evolution theme, resumes the concept of circular economy that underpins Audi’s progress, understood as saving resources, preserving and recycling materials during production. The closed cycle of raw materials with high energy impact (aluminium, water, plastic, glass, paper, steel) are thus represented, and also recalled by tactile displays inside the installation. In the courtyard, at the centre of the installation, will stand the Audi skysphere concept, the futuristic full electric roadster with variable wheelbase that will make its first debut in Italy, symbolising how technological progress and emotion can arise from a totally sustainable approach based on a circular economy.

Lastly, during the entire week, Audi’s House of Progress within the Portrait Milano, will host a series of encounters offering insights to generate knowledge, awareness and openness.

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