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Historically, our company has been supporting the non-profit organization Angeli del Bello. This year, we have endorsed their project, «The Beauty of Alleyways,» led by the Custodians of Beauty in Florence. In agreement with the local administration, their primary goal is to contribute to the maintenance of the city’s historical center, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most beautiful in the world, providing a proactive contribution to the recovery of Florence and assistance to people facing work-related difficulties.

After promoting the refurbishment and pedestrianization of Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, Lungarno Collection, specifically Portrait Firenze, has decided to adopt the entire district to which it belongs, stretching from Ponte Santa Trinita to Ponte Vecchio through the «The Beauty of Alleyways» project. This project has envisioned a plan for urban regeneration and embellishment of various public spaces based on a mapping of the critical points in the area. The interventions concerned Chiasso del Manetto, Chiasso and Piazzetta dei Del Bene, Borgo Santi Apostoli.
A crucial aspect of the project is that it has made «secondary» spaces, compared to the traditional tourist routes in the city, the protagonists of the interventions. These are places rushed through even by the inhabitants of Florence. This approach has provided greater concreteness and extraordinary results, even concerning previous interventions, being able to rely this time on a dedicated financial contribution and specialized skills tailored to the type of work to be carried out.

«We have chosen to support this cause because there is a great shared purpose between us. In our hotel reality, we have made beauty one of the values that best represent us. We draw inspiration from the timeless elegance and creative genius of Salvatore Ferragamo, and we have a particular attention to detail. Above all, we love the city that welcomes us. We aim to preserve and present it in the best possible way to our guests, conveying to them the privilege of enjoying so much beauty, untouched, maintained, and respected as it deserves. This collaboration enriches and makes us very proud,» says Massimo De Venuto, Hotel Manager of Portrait Firenze.