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From Farm to Table: Caffè dell'Oro and the Virtuous Collaboration with Typiqo

The collaboration between Caffè dell’Oro and Typiqo arises from the need to find a partner with the same dedication to nature and sustainability principles, materialized in actions that guarantee high-quality cuisine, starting from the selection of raw ingredients.

Their name derives, not by chance, from the combination of the «quality» of the product, the «convenience» of the service, to which added «typical,» which translates into seeking the utmost excellence in food that our territory offers.

Thanks to this, we can contribute to cultivating a real vegetable garden a few kilometres from Florence in the beautiful hills of Chianti Rufina. Here, about 1000 square meters of land are organically farmed, respecting the seasons, through crop rotation, without chemical treatments, and partly composed of volcanic sand, which gives a particular and valuable mineral content to the crops.

Typiqo also puts us in contact with a selected network of local producers, united by ethical productions (such as cheeses, cold cuts, poultry, eggs, flours, and legumes), who respect, without compromise, the environment and people.

Typiqo is a partner that resembles us in the tireless pursuit of excellence through experimentation and continuous improvement. In fact, in the Rufina vegetable garden, they recently started a project with the Biology Department of the University of Florence to study the ability of wood distillate to be a bio stimulant for soil and vegetable growth.

This innovative, sustainable, and local-to-local approach, combined with the opportunity to place orders in the evening for the next day; to offer our guests freshly harvested produce and contribute to the creation of a Zero Waste kitchen respectful of nature and the territory that hosts us, makes this one of our most valuable partnerships.

Because, as Executive Chef Antonio Minichiello, who was born and raised in the countryside, and worked from a very young age on the family farm, says «respect for the environment starts from the table and how we nourish ourselves«.