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Hotel Continentale – La Terrazza Lounge Bar

Florence is the city of lovers, the charming setting for a positively romantic vacation. If you are planning one and do not want to miss anything, come see us at Continentale, the ideal haven for a vacation designed for two hearts beating like one.

Rooms full of glamour, sensual and warming, whose predominantly white tone evokes purity and simplicity. Every space is cared for up to the last detail: important signature photographs fill wall spaces and elegant leather decor elements give the ambiance warmth and color.

But there is more. Indeed, Continentale houses La Terrazza, a rooftop bar considered to be one of the most charming ones in Florence. Located on the last floor of the medieval Torre dei Consorti, once the heart of old feudal leagues (« consorterie ») during the Communal period, La Terrazza is an elegant and sophisticated Lounge Bar serving as the perfect location to enjoy aperitifs with a breathtaking view over the city’s masterpieces, like Giotto’s Bell Tower, Brunelleschi’s Dome or Ponte Vecchio.

Our guests can enjoy magic moments in an exclusive location to sip an apéritif or a cocktail when night has already falled and artificial lights brighten the city; immersed in a setting of absolute elegance, you will make every moment of your vacation absolutely unforgettable.