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Wanda Ferragamo's Recipes

On the occasion of Taste, the annual event dedicated to excellence in taste and food lifestyle, now in its seventeenth edition, the Ferragamo Museum, in collaboration with Lungarno Collection, will present an event titled «Wanda Ferragamo’s Recipes» on February 4th at 7 PM. This unique initiative aims to celebrate the two protagonists of the Ferragamo family by seamlessly combining art with exquisite cuisine. The evening will commence with an exclusive guided tour of the Ferragamo Museum, exploring the exhibition «Salvatore Ferragamo 1898-1960.» Following the tour, guests will be treated to a special dinner at Caffè dell’Oro, featuring a menu curated by Executive Chef Antonio Minichiello, drawing inspiration from Wanda Ferragamo’s recipes, which have been borrowed from the book «Family Notes.»

The Recipe Book

«The house reflects the people who live in it, the love they put into things. The house is like a person. If you don’t treat it with discipline and love, everything disintegrates.» Wanda Ferragamo’s words testify to the care she reserved for the domestic environment, an intimate and sacred space. This commitment extended seamlessly into her role as an entrepreneur, following her husband Salvatore’s passing. The kitchen, for her, was not just a place for culinary endeavours but a means to craft a convivial and inviting setting for gatherings. Her culinary legacy, chronicled in her recipe book, weaves together the flavours of her Campanian roots and Tuscan traditions. Influences from her travels and the tapestry of ever-evolving social connections enhance the repertoire. Each recipe in Wanda Ferragamo’s collection transcends the mere amalgamation of ingredients and instructions. They embody intuitions realized, ideas experimented upon, memories encapsulated, and acts of love directed towards others.

The Exhibition

The exhibition «Salvatore Ferragamo 1898-1960» (Florence, Ferragamo Museum, October 27, 2023 – November 4, 2024) narrates the story of the brand’s founder and analyses the fundamental traits of his artisan work, characterized by creativity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit – qualities that made him a protagonist in the international fashion sphere. The exhibition revisits the significant stages of Ferragamo’s life journey, from his childhood in his hometown of Bonito to the success he achieved in the United States. Salvatore emigrated in 1915, opening the first store in Hollywood, until the decision to establish Florence as the location for his shoe production. The journey unfolds through a compelling blend of documents, historical imagery, and iconic footwear sourced from the brand’s archival treasure trove – each element an indispensable fragment of the company’s cultural heritage. Ferragamo’s masterpieces are not merely displayed for their visual allure; they serve as compelling testaments to the inventive prowess of their creator. This includes his passion for colours, understanding of foot anatomy, masterful craftsmanship, material research , and a rich array of inspirations drawn from arts and culture. The exhibition also highlights Ferragamo’s commitment to customer care and the exclusivity of his models. It becomes evident how Salvatore Ferragamo, through his footwear, contributed to the definition of «Made in Italy,» confirming that Italian design today is still rooted in the combination of tradition and artisanal skill, functionality, and technological innovation – a ‘magic formula’ admired worldwide.

For information and reservations about the dinner at Caffè dell’Oro:
+39 055 2726 8912 — oro@lungarnocollection.com