Ощутите радостное предвкушение удивительного отдыха в итальянском стиле. Окунитесь в мистическое обаяние знаменитых городов, услышьте эхо своих шагов в тишине старинных церквей и дворцов, замрите в изумлении перед художественными шедеврами и насладитесь великолепной кухней. Чем бы вы ни решили заняться, посвятите это время только себе.

The destination is the journey itself.

Leica experience

One of the best parts of any vacation is when you return home and share your photographs with your loved ones.

Let Leica and Portrait accompany you in this adventure.

Fratelli Piccini

Thousands cross Ponte Vecchio every day while each year just a handful discover its ancient secrets. Established in the 16th century, master jewellers Fratelli Piccini unlock the doors to a select few, offering two unforgettable experiences.


Florence with family

Florence has much to offer for visitors of all ages. Especially for children we suggest the following two exciting museu…


Leica Experience

In the constant search for innovation in hospitality, Lungarno Collection finds in Leica an ideal partner to build an out of the ordinary photographic experience presenting a surprising slice of life for its clients.


Музей Сальваторе Феррагамо

Until today, the story of Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most exciting of its kind. Set in Hollywood, it’s about th…