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Roberto Patella. The volatility of being

Exhibiting from May 25 2023 at Gallery Hotel Art

Curated by Valentina Ciarallo
A project by Mario Rescio

Roberto Patella is an American photographer of Italian origins, who lives between Milan and New York, known for his collaborations with the most important names in the fashion world. After assisting the legendary photographer and director Bruce Weber, he has portrayed famous artists and celebrities such as Kevin Bacon, Chuck Close and Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Mäneskin for magazines such as Elle, Vanity Fair, Numèro, V Magazine. In addition to the numerous editorials, he has a rich personal production, where he reflects on the concept of the physical body as a definition of human experience.


Through the interaction with inanimate objects Patella creates intimate narratives, where he tells stories of things and people and of the relationship that develops between them. In this dialogue between photography and sculpture, the subjects, meticulously created and visually isolated, speak a universal language in which the bodily dimension meets the spiritual one in a union between form and essence.

A Lungarno Collection exhibition, in collaboration with:

Gallery Hotel Art & WIB Milano by Mario Rescio and with Sergio Saladino e Andrea Saracino

Coordinated by Maria Giuseppa De Filippo

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