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Pampaloni silversmiths

A day at Pampaloni’s is not just a visit to a factory: it’s an exploration of the artisan world of silver.

A factory visit like no other

Hear the sounds, breathe in the smells and soak up the history of silver. In the workshop watch the silversmiths as they chip away at their daily work, fusing, plating, chiselling and assembling and marvel at their skill, artisanship and passion.

But most importantly discover the world of the object, understand its significance, its history, design and inspiration. Get a taste of the artistry synonymous with Florence.

Bespoke gifts

Pampaloni also offers Lungarno Collection guests the opportunity to express their feelings in silver by commissioning a bespoke gift for their loved one.

Flick through the archive filled with a vast array of shapes and models, and select the one that means something to you. Alternatively provide Pampaloni with a shape and their exclusive technology will craft it for you.

Creating an unforgettable, meaningful gift that says it all.

The Pampaloni family has been master silversmiths for three generations, creating pieces for, among others, Pope Benedict XVI, the Quirinale and the Ferrari group.



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