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Fratelli Piccini

Thousands cross Ponte Vecchio every day while each year just a handful discover its ancient secrets. Established in the 16th century, master jewellers Fratelli Piccini unlock the doors to a select few, offering two unforgettable experiences.

Stairway to Heaven

Enveloped in the spaces between the Vasari corridor and the Arno river awaits a journey through the history of gold. Starting in the Piccini workshop, watch in awe as an artisan transforms a piece of gold into a refined masterpiece and wonder at the skill and artistry of age-old techniques. Continue your exploration through private floors displaying historical sketches and moulds and the private family collection of jewellery and silver. Revel in the pleasure of trying on exclusive jewels from the Piccini collection. And conclude your journey with an aperitivo on the private terrace overlooking the Arno.

Maximum four guests.

Ultimate Betrothal

Express the power of your love in an enduring masterpiece crafted by Piccini artisans.  Collaborate with our designer and bring your feelings to life in the refined sophistication of our jewellery. See your loved one’s face as you present the masterpiece at breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Arno.

Available to just eleven couples a year.

phone: +39 055 2726 8000
fax: +39 055 2726 8999