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Best hotel for a romantic weekend in Florence

A glass of Chianti in a piazza, a sunset over the Arno River and exciting paintings and frescoes. Florence brings your emotions to the surface.

Spring brings longer, warmer and more beautiful days filled with the aromas of the first blooming flowers. This time of the year also marks the beginning of various events and activities in this exciting city. Easter is a good time to enjoy Florence splendid outdoor walks, such as the Garden of Roses, a piece of a fairy tale with a panoramic view of the neighborhood of San Niccolò.

If you relish a more romantic activity, try an enchanting evening with your love at one of the intimate theatres of Florence. You can listen to fascinating chamber music at the Goldoni Theatre or delight in opera under the stuccoes and balconies of the 17th century Teatro Della Pergola.

Romantic Suites in Florence

The next day, a nice plan together may include a wine tasting experience or a cooking class for two to prepare delicious Italian dishes. And for your visit to feel like an authentic honeymoon getaway, add to this formula a sparkle of magic in the best hotel for a romantic weekend in Florence and there you’ll have it.

At the Continentale Hotel, you will find the most romantic suites in Florence Italy, surrounded by luxury, pleasure, and comfort.

To close this romantic escape in Florence, La Terrazza is a great idea for the night. In this fine cocktail bar located on the terrace of the Continentale Hotel, you can taste the exquisite drinks combined with the best views of this beautiful city.

You’ll simply can’t help fall in love with this stunning city, especially with a good company in a romantic hotel in Florence Italy.