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Restaurant Borgo San Jacopo – Starred dinner at Hotel Lungarno

For your exclusive holidays in the heart of Florence, we await you at Hotel Lungarno, which re-opened its doors on June 1 after six months of skilled renovation work under the direction of Architect Michele Bönan, prestigious international signature of Interior Design.

Environments in which luxury takes on a cultural value expressed in accordance with canons of elegance and artistic traditions that Florence embodies. At Hotel Lungarno, you will enjoy moments of timeless pleasure surrounded by more than 400 works of art of twentieth-century artists like Picasso.

And after a day spent visiting Florence, you can relax at Picteau, the Lounge Bar located on the Hotel’s top floor, where you will pleasantly wait for the night to set in sipping a signature cocktail or aperitif, before sitting down for dinner at the gourmet restaurant Borgo San Jacopo, feather on the cap of the entire structure.

The restaurant too underwent renovation work during the first six months of the year and today welcomes its guests in a setting of absolute elegance. You can give a try to the dishes prepared by international Chef Peter Brunel, the restaurant’s inspiration and recipient of 1 Michelin star, who skilfully reinterprets dishes from the Italian tradition under modern light, using excellent ingredients combined with passion, artistic personality and talent.