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International sensorial suggestions at the Fusion Bar & Restaurant

Take flavors, aromas and scents of faraway, magic and mysterious lands, close your eyes and imagine you tasting them during your stay in Florence, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, in the heart of one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

Do you believe it is impossible? You are wrong.

Let us guide you, because we know where to take you: The Fusion Bar & Restaurant, one of the feathers on the cap of our Fine Dining Collection, comprising unique and extraordinary locations where satisfying your palate is an art of which our starred Chef Peter Brunel is one of the greatest representatives.

Located inside the Gallery Hotel Art, a refined design Hotel of Lungarno Collection, The Fusion Bar & Restaurant is more than just an elegant restaurant, it is Florence’s most contemporary and international fusion restaurant. The Nikkei cuisine, which, as it is known, is born of the encounter and romantic fusion of the light and very refined Japanese cuisine and the spicy and sensual culinary traditions of Peru, enhanced by Mediterranean touches that make each dish unique. To say nothing of amazing cocktails, customized by our bartenders Robert and Michel, two true artists of the mixology art, winners of prestigious international awards; rare and precious liqueurs and original and precious and rich ingredients coming from all over the world, to give you a sensorial journey that will satisfy much more than just your palate.

Take your seat at The Fusion and don’t be afraid of opening your eyes, because, be reassured, this is not a dream, but just the reality that Lungarno Collection can create for you.