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Numero Cromatico, A burning fire

Exhibiting from October 6 2023 at Gallery Hotel Art

Curated by Valentina Ciarallo

In occasion of Contemporary Art Day, and until February 2024, the Gallery Hotel Art will host the artistic collective Numero Cromatico with the installation A burning fire curated by Valentina Ciarallo.

The Lungarno Collection continues to nurture art with an exclusive project that enriches the list of collaborations that since 2012 the Gallery Hotel Art in Vicolo dell’Oro 5 carries on, continuing to act as an intermediary in the creative dialogue between contemporary art, the Florentines, and its guests.

“My love for you will never be a simple light, but a fire that burns. I will miss you and I will look for you everywhere. I will open the windows on endless spaces” is one of the verses of I.L.Y., an acronym for I Love You, artificial intelligence created and instructed for writing love poems by the artistic collective Numero Cromatico. The sentences generated by linguistic inputs and materialized on coloured textured fabric open a reflection on the interaction between human and artificial intelligence and the consequent progressive challenge of technology.

The interdisciplinary group conceived in 2011 is composed of artists, linguists, neuroscientist, and designers, with a method of procedure that involves neuroscience and artificial intelligence, through a precise and original research that leads to a new perception and aesthetic theory.

The exhibition A burning fire arises from the desire to stimulate the viewer in having a direct and active participation in the artistic experience, offering a new model of perceiving art and opening a reflection on cultural and social themes shared by humanity. The writings of Numero Cromatico enters the sphere of emotions like traditional writing and the fruition of the work is completed as a multisensory experience. The creative algorithm I.L.Y. generates unpublished poems related to love in all its forms and interpersonal relationships drawing from the great authors of the past.

“Your eyes look, and I listen to them”, “Flowers tremble, my kisses, your words”, “I will miss you and I look for you everywhere”: are poetic phrases that live in a suspended timeless space, and that invite us to reflect on the existence of time itself.

The artwork goes beyond the boundary of pure reading and establishes a physical and tactile relationship with the viewer thanks to the soft fabrics used. The inherited craftsmanship behind the fabrics, with the use of primary colours on geometric patterns or camouflage is combined with technical processes. Creative visions translated into reality lead to perceive the work of Numero Cromatico in a singular and personal way for each of us, entering the dimension in which the public becomes the subject and object of the work itself.

The Collective follows in many respects the research linked to the Avant-gardes of the twentieth century, among all Futurism, as a movement open to the use of expressions that cross the artistic and cultural territories proposing a theory of art freed from pure aesthetics and based on scientific studies. Metaphor of a spontaneous and real artistic output, the result of a machine, in turn the result of human ingenuity. Another significant influence for the group is Eventualism, an aesthetic theory of the seventies headed by the artist Sergio Lombardo, forerunner of artistic values connected to scientific data and promoter of a pragmatic experience between artist and public, between spectator and work, whose fulfillment is realized in the response of the public itself.

The exhibition is then enriched by the “Somnium” project born from the collaboration with Untitled Association.

A device created to stimulate dream activity as a vital manifestation but also as an ancestral revelation. The “Somnium” kit is provided with instructions for use and is available to hotel guests to help promote the memory of dreams upon awakening. The occasion of the exhibition thus becomes for “Somnium” the field where to study and record perceptual reactions. The collection of dreams is shared on display as a collective one.

In addition, a series of unpublished works on paper made with kiwi enrich the selection of evocative tapestries chosen for A burning fire. The use of ecological paper is recurrent in the editorial production of the collective, with the use of Risograph cold pressing, also called “ideal” for the use of inks and sustainable materials.

“My love for you will never be a mere light, but a burning fire” is the site-specific intervention carried on outside the Gallery Hotel Art that invites the public on the experiential path of Numero Cromatico which, also in this occasion, acts as a “device” open to comparison and in continuous evolution and research.

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