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True family friendly hotels in Florence

Florence is a top destination that continues to delight thousands of tourists every year. This magnificent city is filled with beautiful gardens, wonderful architecture, hundreds of art pieces and a wide variety of activities that inspire lifetime memories.

Choosing the right hotel is crucial to fully enjoy all the beauty Florence has to offer. At the Lungarno Collection, you have a kaleidoscope of unique and exclusive options that will make your stay a joyful experience and a time your family will cherish, from the youngest to the oldest member. Comfort, luxury, serenity, you will find all you want at the Lungarno Collection.

The hotels have a real Italian style that everyone loves. They are proud to have an exquisite service with family-friendly amenities. You choose how to spend your time and Lungarno Collection offers all the facilities and perfect accommodation for all ages, making it a top family-friendly hotel in Florence.

Relax and Comfort for your family

The Lungarno Collection understands that there are different sizes and types of families and all of them can find comfort in their stay. The size of the rooms, the multiple spaces for entertainment such as the terrace or the bar, the fine variety of food, the mystical ambiences and relaxing spots like the spa are some of the attributes Lungarno offers families from all over the world.

Envisioning tradition and innovation, the Lungarno Collection blends a mix that makes children and adults explore Florence in a different way and fall in love with its story, art and vibrant culture.

From wonderful designs, to wide-open areas, delicious cuisine, relaxing ambiences and spaces to play and enjoy, there is no end when it comes to the multiple options families get to discover and enjoy when spending time in the beautiful city of Florence and the exclusive delightful ambiences Lungarno offers.