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Frette exclusively for Portrait

Portrait Milano and famed Italian luxury lifestyle brand Frette collaborate to elevate the guest experience by way of remarkably crafted bed and bath linens imbued with the rich history of the property.
Synonymous with Italian luxury, authenticity and inimitable craftsmanship, Frette draws from more than 160 years of innovation, design and weaving expertise to bring to life products that embody timelessness, sophistication and creativity.
Extending the memorable Portrait Milano experience, Frette’s collection of bed and bath linens created exclusively for the property is available to commemorate one’s stay, allowing guests to take home the luxurious hotel feeling and a piece of the finest craftsmanship and prestige Italy has to offer.

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With a mutual regard for history, tradition and iconic Italian luxury, the collaboration between Frette and Portrait Milano represents a celebration of historic prestige whilst ushering a contemporary way of living to the next level of luxury hospitality. Appointed the Official Purveyor of linens by the Italian Royal Family in 1881, and serving luxury hospitality properties since its beginnings in 1860, Frette remains a symbol of Italian heritage and prestige to this day. Further weaving a thread of connectivity between the luxury lifestyle brand and Portrait Milano is Frette’s historic creation of the Tablecloth of the “Holy Virgin” for the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in 1894. With Portrait Milano residing within one of the oldest seminaries in the world, this shared heritage reinforces the uniqueness and specialness of the collaboration.

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To bring to life its remarkable linens embodying the epitome of excellence and exclusivity, Frette uses only the highest quality natural materials. The rare, extra-long staple cotton fibres Frette uses to realise its linens make for a more supple fabric whilst achieving the optimal balance of strength, softness, longevity and comfort. After selecting the best raw materials for weaving, Frette fabrics undergo a meticulous and patented finishing process honed from decades of experience, ensuring each piece is optimised to deliver the smoothest hand feel. Frette is celebrated for its exquisite jacquards, complex embroideries and delicate laces, all stitched to perfection. The collections are steeped in tradition, with an eye to modern taste and lifestyle, defined by pristine palettes and distinguished exceptional touches. Frette extends beyond the master bedroom, with an offer of decorative pieces and precious loungewear, meticulously designed to meet each client’s personal lifestyle, wherever they are.

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Our sustainability policy

Our business model aims to keep the Integrated Management System operational and continuously improving, with the following purpose: to design and implement the best laundry and linen rental service for the Hotel and Restaurants industry, through the collection and delivery of goods, washing, sanitizing, ironing and packaging of the product. For us, this translates into the goal of raising awareness and involving all collaborators, promoting in the company an organization that is dedicated to compliance with current legislation, which promotes and encourages gender plurality, ethnic-religious diversity and which rejects prejudices. Being at the service of the customer means meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations, respecting the environment in full compliance with the mandatory and voluntary standards signed, among which we remember the ISO 9001, the ISO 14001, the EN 14065 and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. We are committed to ensuring that the washing process of textile products uses technologies with low environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions, water, and energy consumption. We use low environmental impact detergents; in addition, the collaboration with Ecolab in the washing management validates the process in terms of RABC (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control System). We ensure that all transportations are organized by optimizing collections and deliveries to customers.

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