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Welcome to a Boutique Hotel: interview with Gianluca Vallerotonda, the manager of the hotel Portrait Roma.

The art of welcoming: this is what makes Portrait Roma a true treasure in the landscape of the hotel facilities in the Capital. The five-star luxury Lungarno Collection hotel has been dubbed a “boutique hotel”, to qualify the intimate flair, the personalized services and the rafined hospitality it offers. The manager of Portrait Roma, Gianluca Vallerotonda, shares with us the secrets of this charming hotel, which is a member of the The Leading Hotels of the World.

How can we define a “boutique hotel”?

In its most common meaning “boutique hotel” means “small” but we sought to broaden it to include the concept of “tailormade”. By transposing the concept of boutique to hospitality, we created a place where the Lifestyle Team will take care of guests, personalizing rooms and activities proposed by a city hotel operating in a metropolis like Rome. The creator pampers guests”.

What does the Lifestyle Team of Portrait Roma offer to the guests of this boutque hotel?

“The Lifestyle Team comprises empathetic and emotionally intelligent individuals with a deep and broad knowledge of restaurants and catering facilities of Rome, as well as events, starred restaurants listed on the Michelin guide, and knowledge of the schedules of renowned chefs. They are able to understand the concept of luxury applied to each single guest, and interpret it providing the right recommendations.”


Concerning boutique hotels, which is the added value that sets Portrait Roma apart from the other five-star luxury hotels of the capital?

“By applying the “concept of home”to a luxurious place. For each one of us, luxury has a different meaning, but if we want to interpret it in just a few words, perhaps luxury is what “makes us feel good”. The goal of the boutique hotel is, therefore, to personalize each single stay, recreating an environment that meets guests’ expectations as much as possible, by relying upon 2 highly qualified teams that leverage emotional intelligence to provide excellent services”.