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The Fusion Bar & Restaurant or Caffè dell’Oro for your New Year's Eve dinner in Florence? Your choice!

Do you love the delicate flavors of the Nikkei cuisine? Or are you a great proponent of the Italian and Tuscan culinary tradition? Are you uncertain about where to enjoy your New Year’s Eve dinner while in Florence? Lungarno Collection will offer you the perfect menu!

At The Fusion Bar & Restaurant, the special New Year’s Eve menu features fish-based finger foods, an unforgettable selection of nigiri and sashimi, and original cocktails, the perfect combination for those who love fusion cuisine.

At the bistro restaurant Caffè dell’Oro, New Year’s Eve dinner will pay homage to the flavors of the 100% Made in Italy. Chief among them is risotto with 48-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano,aged balsamic vinegar and white truffle.