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Romantic Stay in Rome: Unforgettable experiences for couples

Rome, besides being the cradle of modern civilisation, is also one of the most romantic cities in the world, thanks to its architectural gems hidden in every corner and breathtaking buildings that can transport you back in time.

The Eternal City is a magical place capable of making lovers dream. Thanks to its hidden corners and romantic atmosphere, it is considered one of the most romantic destinations in Italy.

Rome’s romantic spots: must-sees for couples

If you want to spend a special trip with your sweetheart, you cannot but choose Rome as a compulsory stop on your vacation.

Some of the most famous places in Rome conceal in them an unequalled romanticism that all lovers in the world should experience and breathe in the atmosphere at least once.

Here are the most romantic places in Rome:

The Colosseum is one of the favourite destinations for tourists visiting Rome, but the ancient amphitheatre at night is capable of providing unique emotions. Strolling hand in hand at night in front of the illuminated Colosseum, you will breathe in a romantic and sweet atmosphere that gives a timeless charm;

Trastevere, besides being a place of nightlife and entertainment, offers a unique experience at sunset, providing a particularly romantic atmosphere. Moreover, as it is packed with suggestive places, you can enjoy the Gianicolo viewpoint over the whole city painted pink and orange, while sipping a good glass of wine;

– The Trevi Fountain has always been the guardian of wishes. Tradition has it that by throwing a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, your wishes are granted. Moreover, the fountain has always been a treasure chest of lovers’ hopes; in fact, it is said that girls used to make their other half drink water from the fountain near the monument before they went off to war.

Romantic dinner for two

Rome, besides being the world’s symbol of history and art, is also one of the temples of delicious Italian cuisine, recognised as one of the best.

A couple in love has numerous areas of the city at their disposal for a romantic dinner in Rome:

  • The Lungotevere is one of the most romantic places in the city. After taking a walk along Rome’s iconic river, numerous restaurants and clubs can be found in this area to have a romantic dinner on the banks of the Tiber river.
  • Via Veneto is one of Rome’s most iconic streets, where elegance and Made in Italy style come together to bring the true Italian Dolce Vita to life. Here elegance and glamour reign supreme and restaurants offer typical Italian hospitality combined with delicious food typical of the exquisite Roman cuisine.
  • Piazza Navona, besides being one of the most iconic and central squares in the city, offers the possibility of enjoying a romantic dinner as a couple surrounded by the evocative landscape that the terraces surrounding the square offer. Moreover, dining in Piazza Navona is a multi-sensory experience, as the experience is adorned by the evocative sound of flowing water, while your eyes glisten as you observe the piazza’s Baroque art.

Where to stay during a couple’s holiday or romantic weekend in Rome

To make one’s vacation perfect, the choice of a romantic hotel in Rome is of paramount importance. For a couple that wants to enjoy all the wonders the Eternal City has to offer, but also return to their luxury suite to enjoy their privacy, choosing a five-star hotel in the city centre is the perfect choice.

Portrait Roma is the 5-star luxury boutique hotel located on Via Condotti, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps, which has made elegance and hospitality its strong points.

Its design suites are conceived to satisfy every need of its guests and guarantee a stay of the highest quality, without giving up the convenience of the city centre.

The luxury hotel, signed Lungarno Collection, is also the perfect solution for couples who want to fully enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita, as it offers the possibility of the charm of the city of art par excellence.

In this wonderful hotel you can spend quality time in privacy on the hotel’s private terrace, where you can enjoy a cocktail, coffee and a fine glass of wine or dine while watching the sunset over the Eternal City. While, if you prefer more privacy, you can dine in the intimacy of the Trinità dei Monti Penthouse suite.