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Pet friendly hotels: holidays with pets in five-star hotels

Animals are considered real family members and for this reason those who have a four-legged friend are unlikely to be separated from them during a trip or vacation. In the mountains or at the sea, animals have become our best travel companions.

However, not all hotels offer services designed for them but fortunately in recent years it has become increasingly easier to find hotels that accept pets.

There has been an increase in pet friendly hotels, which allow you to take a real holiday with pets and welcome your furry friends in all serenity. In fact, being a pet friendly facility means recognizing the animal as a real guest of the hotel, knowing its needs and the needs of both the owner and the animal.

Lungarno Collection also opens its doors to pet lovers and their furry friends: it welcomes dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds with the aim of making them feel at home.

Holidays with your dog or cat in luxury hotels

Being able to travel to Italy and spend your holidays with your dog or cat in the same hotel is no longer a problem.

Lungarno Collection is ready to extend your luxury stay to your four-legged friend.

The five-star Lungarno Collection hotels have always been known all over the world for their extraordinary hospitality that distinguishes them, with attention to the smallest detail thanks to the exclusive concierge service. A welcome that is dedicated not only to hotel guests, but to their closest furry friends.

In the Lungarno Collection pet friendly hotels, considered among the best 5-star hotels with pets allowed, we offer services that will make your holiday, or a staycation, memorable.

Going on holiday with your dog or cat and staying in our luxury hotels in Rome and Florence means not giving up the possibility of getting lost in the peculiarities and beauties offered by both cities, which are increasingly pet friendly.

For example, taking a holiday with your dog in Florence is possible.

Although animals are not allowed inside the museums, you can stroll through the historic alleys of the city, among the artisan shops. You can admire the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno, taking a romantic walk. All a stone’s throw from our pet friendly hotel in Florence, the five-star Portrait Firenze hotel.

Even in Rome it is possible to take a holiday with your dog or cat: most of its beauty can be visited through a relaxing walk. We remember St. Peter’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, via Condotti … places that can be reached on foot from our wonderful pet friendly hotel in Rome, the Portrait Roma luxury hotel.

The welcome kit in the Pet friendly hotels of the Lungarno Collection

Our luxury hotels will allow you to stay together with your dog or cat in absolute relaxation and escape from everyday life, with all the necessary precautions for your and his safety.

The rooms are equipped with every accessory and comfort tailored to your loving travel companion thanks to our welcome kit.

The lucky dogs or cats will be greeted upon arrival with a personalized medal, a toy with which they can play freely in the hotel, take it with them to the park or during a walk through the most enchanting streets of Rome or Florence.

They will sleep and relax in complete comfort in one of the luxurious kennels, wrapped in a soft and warm cashmere blanket and eat in style in one of their beautiful bowls.

In our five-star hotels we offer an ad hoc menu for your 4-legged friend, with quality food tailored to meet their needs and requirements.
Each room is equipped with every comfort and our concierge is always available to advise you on suitable places and facilities for strolling and relaxing along the historic and main streets of the city.

You can enjoy this wonderful service and much more in our luxury hotels in Florence and Rome.