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An Incredible Brigade

Every day, the Chef and his brigade conjure up stunning new blends of the freshest sushi and the sumptuous Peruvian cuisine for which he is a leading ambassador.

His surprising menus feature unique pairings, contrasting flavors and different textures, creating a voyage of discovery around far-off cuisines which work in surprising harmony.

Nikkei cuisine

Taste the unexpected

A collection of rich, intense, fresh tastes and the unusual combinations typical of kaleidoscopic South American culture, with fun, unexpected fusions.

Don’t miss the Ceviche, a vegetarian take on the classic dish with tomatoes, avocado and toasted cashew nuts, or Crispy pork belly with spiced miso and kombu oil.

Real, traditional sushi

Authentic, traditional Japanese specialties are prepared using the very finest ingredients, delighting the palate with a selection of maki and nigiri which evoke the distinctive fragrances of Asia.

A sensational journey around unique combinations, bold pairings and exceptional textures, bringing you closer to far-off lands.