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View of Ponte Vecchio, Florence from a Portrait Firenze Hotel suite
Logo Portrait Firenze
Portrait Firenze
Почувствуйте себя как дома – во Флоренции.
Logo Hotel Lungarno
Hotel Lungarno
Элегантность, неподвластная времени
Furniture details at the White Hall - Continentale Hotel in Florence
Logo Continentale
Романтичное гнездышко в центре города
Terrace Penthouse San Miniato at the Gallery Hotel Art in Florence
Logo Gallery Hotel Art
Gallery Hotel Art
Место, где можно многое посмотреть и себя показать.
Logo Lungarno Apartments
Lungarno Apartments
Уединенность и элитный гостиничный сервис
Trinità dei monti penthouse bedroom on Portrait Roma hotel in Rome
Logo Portrait Roma
Portrait Roma
Там, где мне абсолютно комфортно.
Logo Borgo San Jacopo
Borgo San Jacopo
Попробуйте высочайшее итальянское качество
Caffè Dell'Oro, Lungarno Collection
Logo Caffè dell'Oro
Caffè dell'Oro
Познакомьтесь с кухней итальянских регионов
The Fusion, Drink at Lungarno Collection
Logo The Fusion Bar & Restaurant
The Fusion Bar & Restaurant
Насладитесь неожиданным
Sunset from La Terrazza terrace at the Continentale Hotel in Florence
Logo La Terrazza Rooftop Bar
La Terrazza Rooftop Bar
Парите над крышами Флоренции.
Logo Picteau Cocktail Bar
Picteau Cocktail Bar
Побалуйте себя стилем.
Villa le Rose, garden front at Lungarno Collection
Logo Villa Le Rose
Villa Le Rose
Наслаждение жизнью и романтикой в стиле Возрождения
Swan 100 s Virago Yacht, part of Nautor Swan Sailing Yacht from Lungarno Collection, sailing
Logo Nautor's Swan Yachts
Nautor's Swan Yachts
Реализуй мечту о морском путешествии
Logo Resort Baia Scarlino
Resort Baia Scarlino
Для любителей моря

Уникальный опыт с Lungarno


VIK Программа для детей

The Duomo of Florence experience with Lungarno Hotels Leica Experience, Florence | Lungarno Collection The Leica Experience by Lungarno Collection Leica_Experience_LeicaM_web
lungarno-collection_exclusive-experiences_pampaloni_silversmiths lungarno-collection_exclusive-experiences_pampaloni_boutique-detail
lungarno-collection_exclusive-experiences_piccini-experience-arno-view lungarno-collection_exclusive-experiences_piccini_street-view lungarno-collection_exclusive-experiences_piccini-experience

Leica Experience

The destination is the journey itself.

One of the best parts of any vacation is when you return home and share your photographs with your loved ones. Let Leica and Portrait accompany you in this adventure.

In the constant search for innovation in hospitality, Portrait finds in Leica an ideal partner to build an out of the ordinary photographic experience presenting a surprising slice of life for its clients.

A day to discover a unique Florence: one that clients will be able to see through the lens of one of the best Leica cameras, interpreting their own emotions. Guiding them in this adventure between technical know-how and playful experience, an internationally renowned photographer which we have chosen. A true “workshop by foot”, to live and recreate day by day living through the faces of ordinary people and places, with humor, curiosity, momentum and sometimes poetry.

And at the end of the day, your Leica store manager will save all the images taken in a USB Key.

This experience is available for only two persons per session.
Available at € 800 per day (we recommend requesting the Leica experience upon making your reservation – confirmation is subject to availability of our photographers).

Experience with the use of a Leica camera is required.

A deposit of 50% will be charged at the time of reservation.

A 7 days cancellation policy will apply. After this term, the deposit will not be refunded.

Information and Reservations
Lifestyle Team Portrait Firenze
Phone +39 055 2726 8000
E-mail: portraitfirenze@lungarnocollection.com

Leica Cameras

Leica cameras used during the workshop will be Leica M 10 — Leica Q2 – Leica SL- Leica CL – Leica S.

VIK Программа для детей

Подарите детям незабываемые воспоминания об Италии.

Позаботьтесь о своих детях вместе с программой Very Important Kids, специально созданную отелем Lungarno. Предлагаемый ассортимент развлекательных мероприятий поможет развить понимание искусства, интерес к культуре, любовь к науке, а также дать более глубокое знание мира гастрономии.

Посещение музея Барджелло познакомит ваших детей с произведениями искусства Донателло, Микеланджело и многих других итальянских художников, а несколько часов практических экспериментов Леонардо да Винчи и Галилео Галилея помогут привить любовь к науке. По мимо всего, уроки приготовления домашней пиццы в изумительной сельской местности Тосканы, познакомят ваших детей с итальянской кухней.

VIK (Very Important Kids) — это сервисная компания, которая организует эксклюзивные туры и мероприятия для семей и маленьких путешественников, приезжающих в Италию, создавая незабываемые впечатления, основанные на концепции игрового обучения. Знакомство с шедеврами искусства проходит самым интересным для детей образом: Знаменитая мраморная статуя «Давид» созданная Микеланджело Буонарроти превращается в супергероя, а Галерея Уффици становится лагерем шпионов для выполнения важных миссий. Даже поиск сокровищ в средневековых фермах Италии станет возможным вместе с компанией VIK, которая сделает все возможное, чтобы создать самые яркие воспоминания для Вашей семьи.

Pampaloni silversmiths

A day at Pampaloni’s is not just a visit to a factory: it’s an exploration of the artisan world of silver.

A factory visit like no other

Hear the sounds, breathe in the smells and soak up the history of silver. In the workshop watch the silversmiths as they chip away at their daily work, fusing, plating, chiselling and assembling and marvel at their skill, artisanship and passion.

But most importantly discover the world of the object, understand its significance, its history, design and inspiration. Get a taste of the artistry synonymous with Florence.

Bespoke gifts

Pampaloni also offers Lungarno Collection guests the opportunity to express their feelings in silver by commissioning a bespoke gift for their loved one.

Flick through the archive filled with a vast array of shapes and models, and select the one that means something to you. Alternatively provide Pampaloni with a shape and their exclusive technology will craft it for you.

Creating an unforgettable, meaningful gift that says it all.

The Pampaloni family has been master silversmiths for three generations, creating pieces for, among others, Pope Benedict XVI, the Quirinale and the Ferrari group.


phone: +39 055 2726 8000
fax: +39 055 2726 8999


Fratelli Piccini

Thousands cross Ponte Vecchio every day while each year just a handful discover its ancient secrets. Established in the 16th century, master jewellers Fratelli Piccini unlock the doors to a select few, offering two unforgettable experiences.

Stairway to Heaven

Enveloped in the spaces between the Vasari corridor and the Arno river awaits a journey through the history of gold. Starting in the Piccini workshop, watch in awe as an artisan transforms a piece of gold into a refined masterpiece and wonder at the skill and artistry of age-old techniques. Continue your exploration through private floors displaying historical sketches and moulds and the private family collection of jewellery and silver. Revel in the pleasure of trying on exclusive jewels from the Piccini collection. And conclude your journey with an aperitivo on the private terrace overlooking the Arno.

Maximum four guests.

Ultimate Betrothal

Express the power of your love in an enduring masterpiece crafted by Piccini artisans.  Collaborate with our designer and bring your feelings to life in the refined sophistication of our jewellery. See your loved one’s face as you present the masterpiece at breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Arno.

Available to just eleven couples a year.

phone: +39 055 2726 8000
fax: +39 055 2726 8999