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Sweep your guests off their feet by hosting your event at the Hotel Lungarno. Whether you want to impress with a riverfront venue boasting intimate views of Ponte Vecchio, astound with the frescoed interiors of our private palace or savour the taste of excellence with our starred cuisine, we’ve got what it takes to make your event better than perfection.

Palazzo Capponi

The spectacular Sala Poccetti can be found in the magnificent 16th century Palazzo Capponi.

Sala Guarnieri

The newest addition to our event locations, the Guarnieri room, is the ideal place for either board meetings, training sessions, or even teambuilding.

Borgo San Jacopo

Live excellence with your dinner guests at starred restaurant Borgo San Jacopo.

Private Dinners

A special event, an occasion worth celebrating, an anniversary to remember, or simply a moment meant to be shared …

Sala Cha & Library

A peaceful and intimate, yet contemporary and fashionable hideaway in the center of Florence.

Sala Dolby, Bianca & Orologio

Imagine the difference between ‘mono’ and ‘stereo’ and the impact a perfectly balanced surrounding may have on your conference.

The Fusion Bar & Restaurant

Whisk your guests away on an exotic journey of unusual conflations, contrasting flavours and phenomenal textures they’ll never forget.

Caffè dell’Oro

Take your guests on a foodie journey through the best of Italy’s regions at Caffè dell’Oro.

La Terrazza

Let the beauty of Florence with its artists and masterpieces set the atmosphere.