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Revel in the thrill of extraordinary experiences stamped with the hallmark of Italian style. Awake to the mystique of outstanding cities, hear your footsteps echo in historic churches and palaces, gasp in front of artistic masterpieces and set your taste buds on fire with gastronomic delights. However you choose to spend your time, make it yours.

The destination is the journey itself.

Leica experience

One of the best parts of any vacation is when you return home and share your photographs with your loved ones.

Let Leica and Portrait accompany you in this adventure.

Ugolino Golf Course

Ugolino Golf Course is one of the most impressive and beautiful natural golf courses in the world in Italy and offers di…

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Florence with Family

Florence has much to offer for visitors of all ages. Especially for children we suggest the following two exciting museu…

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Spring in Florence

Many unforgettable events take place in Florence during this most beautiful time of the year.

In April the renowned Mos…

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