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Oliver is founder of Altana Europe, a Florence-based agency creating unique experiences based around fishing, wildlife watching and conservation management.

Working alongside a kaleidoscope of naturalists, ornithologists, gamekeepers and chefs, Oliver has lead over 500 guided trips, and feature-length coverage of his work has appeared in major newspapers and media worldwide.

A renowned fishing guide and instructor, Oliver has an in-depth knowledge of the Arno river and other fishing opportunities close to Florence. Oliver also has a broad knowledge of the avifauna and wildlife of Italy, ranging from migratory songbirds to wolves. He is a recognised expert on European Wild Boar and has published and consulted extensively on this mythic species. Annually, he leads trips in Italy, Spain, Scotland, Canada and England.

For Information and Reservations
Oliver Rampley
Altana Europe
Costa di San Giorgio 24 | 50125 Florence | Italy
(+39) 39 26 95 87 32