Swan Yachts

The most beautiful way to appreciate a sense of freedom, the energy of nature, and the beauty of the sea. Guests of the Lungarno Collection may experience an extreme adventure on a luxurious Swan fiberglass yacht known for its seaworthiness, performance, and high quality interiors. Leonardo Ferragamo, President of the Lungarno Collection and a passionate and experienced sailor himself, became the owner of Nautor’s Swan in 1998.

This is where two grand worlds meet, inspired by the highest values of tradition, research, craftsmanship, style, revolutionary technology, and Italian glamour.

The Realization of a Dream

With a deep understanding and appreciation of the sea, Pekka Koskenkyla founded Oy Nautor Ab in Finland in 1966 and changed the history of sailing.

Born in the small Finish village of Pietarsaari in the Gulf of Bothnia, 500 miles north of Helsinki and 400 south of the Arctic Circle, he experienced the most challenging situations at sea and this is where his dream began to create a boat of utmost quality. He inspired Sparkman& Stephens, the most acclaimed yacht designers of the time in New York, to design the first sailing yacht in fiberglass, capable of both cruising and racing.

The Swan 36 was born and the story of a legend began: a beautiful light yacht, innovative design, coupled with the stability and safety of traditional wooden boats. Today the Nautor's Swan prides itself with many victories, participation in the most challenging races, and a refined style that puts it at the top of the luxury sailing yacht market.

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