Handcrafted Hospitality

Just as Salvatore Ferragamo modelled his creations around the feet of his clients, we craft your stay around you. Tailor-made hospitality is a truly liberating experience. The customization starts from the pre-stay questionnarie, which we use to prepare not just a suite, but your suite, with your choice of pillows and sheets, your favourite food, your preferred newspaper and a welcoming photo on your in-room device.  

Outside this private sanctury, the enticements of Florence await, available to you from a unique perspective. We will open doors and unlock secret pathways, giving you exclusive access to amazing places, from a private lunch with a noble family to a private meal with David.  Enjoy priceless artworks visible to your eyes only along the path of princes, the Vasari Corridor, or make your very own masterpiece with the expert help of a Florentine fresco painter.  

We can fill your day with this and more, delighting and surprising, and making your stay fit your lifestyle rather than you fitting ours.

Portrait is personalized attention, your personal portrait of the city, our portrait of you.

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