Daniela Steiner Cosmetics

The products of the ‘Care Suite Daniela Steiner' line contains a combination of top quality ingredients of plant origin.

Flowers, fruits, seeds, shoots, shells and leaves are processed to supply oils, waxes and extracts containing the active ingredients used for the various products of the line. 

This is based on the fact that plant oils, for example, when compared to basic components of other origin, cause considerably less or no skin irritations.

On the other hand, oil-derived basic components are absorbed with difficulty by the skin, clogging the pores and thus preventing their correct function. Thanks to this extraordinary effect, the skin is stimulated to react autonomously with a result that can be compared to natural cell renovation. The Products of the “Care Suite Daniela Steiner” line do not cause a superficial or time- limited reaction, but rather involve a natural in-depth and long-lasting stimulation of the skin.

The collaboration with a Swiss laboratory of research and development has thus given rise to the line of products called “Care Suite Daniela Steiner” products is of high quality due to this use of very high quality base ingredients.