White Iris Beauty SPA

White Iris Beauty Spa: luxury spa and beauty farm in Florence

Positively enhance your well-being at the White Iris Beauty Spa, luxury spa in the heart of the Continentale Hotel. The wide range of signature treatments has been inspired by the purity of nature and the seductive simplicity of Florentine elegance. The extraordinary experience guarantees the highest level of products and treatments available.

The "White Gold Treatments" are based on gold dust and pearls, the "Sublime Feet" pedicure and massage leave you with a soothing feeling of lightness, the "Initial Total Cleaning" purifies the body and comprises an extraordinary peeling based on berries, the relaxing "Luxury Body Massage" eliminates stress and restores energy.

Let our symbol of the white iris inspire you to indulge your senses and body in the beauty of an eternal spring.

Opening hours
Our Spa hotel in Florence operates from Tuesday to Sunday with availability upon request.

Phone: +39.055.2726-5966
Address: Vicolo dell'Oro, 6r - Firenze

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