Current Exhibition

Simone d'Auria
"Spoon, I eat Earth"

Is the name of the new art installation commissioned by the Lungarno Collection and Gallery Hotel Art to artist and designer Simone D’Auria. Paying tribute to the Expo2015 and its theme Feeding the planet. Energy for Life.
According to Simone D’Auria, The Spoon is a perfect metaphor for the concept of nourishment, being the first utensil used to feed babies.
The installation is composed of 3 elements:
In the center of the square: a large spoon made from regenerated plastic,  more than 5 meters high,  is stuck in an illuminated wooden base.

On the façade of the Gallery Hotel Art there are 63 teaspoons, each one a meter and a half high in size, also made from regenerated plastic. They were organized to reproduce the design of a target: a series of white spoons surrounds a circle made with red ones

The third focal point of the project is a spoon-shaped bench:  the artist invites you to sit and be soothed by your own thoughts.
The spoon has a name: BRUNO!
(a personal tribute to the notable artist Bruno Munari and his art work, an inspiration for D’Auria)

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