Art & Design

The exhibits at the Gallery Hotel Art offer a window into a contemporary world, captured through the objective lens of great photographers.

The examination of art is essential, and it is presented in a modern and versatile manner, through the careful selection of artists, such as David Lachapelle, Steven Klein, and Lise Sarfati’s ‘The New Life’. The retrospective of Elliott Erwitt, cult author of the famous Magnum agency.

"It was a personal challenge  to create Italy's first design hotel. I wanted to develop more than just a stylish hotel but a contemporary meeting place that always had a buzz about it. Florence is about The Renaissance - and The Gallery Hotel Art celebrates a modern day version with an ongoing contemporary art exhibition featuring some of the best artists in the world in the lobby and lounges.To embrace the gallery in warmth and charm I fused Asian styles with Tuscan themes". 

Michele Bonan - Interior Designer

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