Luxury hotels Lungarno Collection in Florence and Rome: a handcrafted story

Experience the Lungarno Collection with its divine luxury, art and design hotels in Florence and Rome, delightful residences and villas, set in the most sought after and unique locations in Florence and Rome.

Leonardo Ferragamo, President of the Lungarno Collection, is paying homage to his extraordinary father, Salvatore Ferragamo, a genius in the art of shoemaking and a master of hospitality. Each member of the Lungarno Luxury Hotels Collection derives from creativity, craftsmanship, and passion, naturally reflecting genuine Florentine style and exquisite taste.

"Entering the world of hospitality was very important to my family as it’s very similar to the world of fashion, giving us the opportunity to create a different experience and lasting memories. All of our hotels are unique, yet consistent with our profound vision; delightful atmospheres comprising a perfect blend of details, sounds, tastes, and experiences, guaranteeing the genuine level of quality expected by our guests.”

Leonardo Ferragamo

Lungarno, a river of personality

The flow of the River Arno symbolizes the abundant history of Florence, and inspires the past, the present, and the future. The city of Florence was founded and built on these shores with the Ponte Vecchio being the most beautiful of all of its bridges, offering delightful access to navigation already during Roman times and affirming a magnificent background for our hotels today.

Passageways along the river called Lungarno were created in 1866 and this is where Dante fell in love with Beatrice and Alessandro Manzoni chose the language for his novel "The Betrothed", becoming the basis of the modern Italian language.

This is where the story of the luxury hotels Lungarno Collection begins, inspired by the flow of history, culture, style, refined craftsmanship, and extraordinary culinary tradition, living up to the highest standards of Tuscan hospitality today.

A Journey in Style

Salvatore Ferragamo is only sixteen years of age when he leaves his small shoe shop in Bonito to move to America in 1915. Within very few years he becomes ‘The Shoemaker of the Stars’, hand crafting and designing footwear for the most famous Hollywood actresses.

To do justice to the craftsmanship of his profession, Ferragamo returns to Italy in 1937 and chooses to work and live in Florence where he finds cultured and professional leather artisans adhering to ancient traditions.

The very same year, Ferragamo opens his store in a grand medieval palace in the historic Via Tornabuoni and welcomes film stars, celebrities, diplomats, and nobility alike. We consider Salvatore Ferragamo the first extraordinary hotelier of the Lungarno Collection, as it was he to install a strong sense of refined hospitality and a deep love for Florence in his children.

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