New Year Menu

New Year’s Eve Buffet


Sea Bass crisp rolls, ricotta cheese and red curry
Mini vegetable flan with taleggio cream
Cauliflower cream, crispy cotechino and lime
Nikkei Causa
"Risotto" with yellow lentils and coconut milk
Liver terrine, brioche, Vin Santo reduction
Whipped Cod Mousse, leeks pakora
Live Sushi Station: nigiri, maki rolls and raw sea food

To catch as a fly…
Half paccheri pasta, lobster, mint, cherry tomatoes
Radicchio crepes, black truffle crumbs

Salmon fillet with honey, soy and lime
Sliced fillet steak, potatoes and chives

Sweet and sweet
Tuscan Tiramisù
Licorice Panna Cotta, bitter orange jam

Fresh Fruit
Petit Fours


Price per person
Menu (beverages excluded): 95 eur
Menu with champagne: 175 eur

Information and Reservations
Phone: 055 2726 6987
Address: Vicolo dell'Oro, 3 - Florence