Culinary Principals

Peter Brunel, the new Chef at the restaurant Borgo San Jacopo, has always sought out the best ingredients for his creations, visiting the most famous producers of quality foods in person and learning about their whole production cycle. Here are a few of his secret addresses:

Antica Macelleria Fracassi
Castel Focognano, Arezzo
Chianina cattle and cinta senese pigs, traditional Tuscan breeds, raised free-range.

Paolo Parisi
Le Macchie
Usigliano di Lari, Pisa
The best Italian eggs, with soft, light, nourishing yolks that have an exceptional protein structure and an ability to incorporate up to three times as much air as an ordinary egg yolk when whisked.

Azienda Berardi
Igea Marina, Rimini
One of Italy’s best producers of herbs, offering an incredible range of 52 different varieties.

Nonno Lancia
Reggello, Florence
A dizzying choice of 80 different types of cheese, with a special focus on sheep’s milk – pecorino – ranging from a Parantico aged 3 to 6 months, originally from the Maremma area of Tuscany, to pecorino from the Umbrian Apennines, and Moresco from Oristano, aged 4 to 6 months.  

Other particularly prestigious ingredients chosen by Peter Brunel include Asetra caviar, lardo di Colonnata, cod fillet…

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