Culinary Principals

Our Chef Peter Brunel has years of experience in researching the finest ingredients of Tuscany and Italy to ensure the freshness, flavour, and originality reflected in her creations at the gourmet restaurant Borgo San Jacopo in Florence.

We are happy to share some of her secrets:

Antica Macelleria Fracassi
Castel Focognano, Arezzo
Chianina beef, lamb, Cinta Senese, all raised organically and free-range

Ecorì Agricola
The finest Italian organic rice.

Mulino Sobrino
La Morra – Cuneo
Large selection of organic flour and kamut, also gluten-free.

Our person of trust, Alessandro, selects the finest fish the Mediterranean Sea has to offer.

Claudio Cozzi
The freshest selection of seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Azienda Berardi
Igea Marina – Rimini
Nursery and producer of herbs, with an extra ordinary selection of 52 different salads.

Frantoio Cestini
Castelleone di Suasa - Ancona
Splendid olive oil from the Marchigian hills, recommended at the Salone dell’Olio Show 2011

Nonno Lancia
Reggello – Firenze
Outstanding selection of 80 quality cheeses.

Jams, teas, herbal teas, and the finest global salts.